WGS Systems Launches Tactical Management System (TMS) after Inauguration Success


Maryland-based WGS Systems, LLC provides first in type downlink technology for United States Park Police Helicopters during Presidential Inauguration security operations

WGS Systems, a Maryland-based defense contractor and developer of military grade interoperable, system agnostic Command, Control, Communications, Computer and Information (C4I) systems announced March 6th, 2017 that with just twelve weeks notice, the company achieved what many thought impossible, by engineering and operationally deploying their Tactical Management System (TMS) onboard the United States Park Police helicopters along with multiple ground, mobile, and man-pack assets deployed around the Washington D.C Metro Area.

TMS, developed by WGS Systems, was used by the USPP to provide coordinated “eyes in the sky” and “eyes on the ground” for the federal law enforcement agency in charge of enforcing the laws around many of the United States most significant national monuments, which is where the majority of proceedings took place during inauguration events. The WGS created system provided seamless situational awareness, communications, and video surveillance capabilities during the heavily policed inauguration proceedings that took place January 20th, 2017 during the inauguration of the newly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump.

“This was no easy task to achieve in the short space of time that we executed the project – weeks after we were given the green light was the deadline to execute and make it all work seamlessly for the USPP, and just like our motto, we listened, and we delivered.” Said WGS CEO Bob Wise on the company achieving their objective.

“I couldn’t be happier with how our team rose to the occasion. We were honored to have been selected by one of the oldest and most prestigious federal law enforcement agencies to provide visibility and interoperable communications on the ground and in the air during such a momentous world event,” he added.

Interoperability has always been a contentious issue with federal, state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies throughout the country. Post 9/11, the federal government identified lack of interoperability between agency communications during the terrorist attacks as a key focus area to improve around the country, assigning millions of dollars in federal funding, yet interoperability on every level still remains one of the biggest hurdles between agencies to date.

The United States Park Police engaged Maryland based company WGS Systems to implement a seamless audio/video solution during the 2017 Presidential Inauguration.
The United States Park Police engaged Maryland-based company WGS Systems to implement a seamless air/ground solution during the 2017 Presidential Inauguration.

WGS with this in mind, set about developing the TMS system to address that need. USPP, the launch customer for TMS was highly complementary of the WGS designed and built system that was installed in multiple command centers, in mobile control towers scattered around DC, and in the air above the proceedings on board the helicopters allowing scene commanders to not only view, but control the airborne cameras remotely from the ground stations in the command centers, providing a real-time view of emerging incidents, used effectively throughout the event to allocate manpower to flashpoints surrounding the inauguration.

TMS was the only asset providing real-time situational awareness from the ground and in the air during protest activities, some of which turned violent as protesters set fire to a passenger car and a limousine outside the Trump hotel during the height of the unrest, all of which was captured by air assets using WGS TMS systems to provide ground units real-time visibility and coordinated control not previously available to the market. The TMS system, the first in the industry to provide truly “interactive, responsive, and collaborative” high definition capability for commanders, provided the situational awareness necessary to keep civilians and law enforcement personnel safe during this high profile event.

WGS was founded in 2007 with a commitment to creating new capabilities that enhance the operational awareness of our protectors.  Specializing in systems engineering, electronic product development, system integration and test, training and operational support, WGS produces combined airborne/ground surveillance solutions that employ the latest technologies in sensor, communications, computing, networking and audio-visual technologies.  Learn more at www.wgssystems.com

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