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Vector Aerospace Signs Contract With Pakistan Navy Supporting Ex U.K. Sea King Refurbishment

Vector Aerospace Pakistan Sea King

The seven Ex-United Kingdom MoD Westland Sea King fleet will see continued service as part of the Pakistan Navy helicopter fleet.

Vector Aerospace Corporation announced June 8th that the global MRO provider recently began service on a contract signed with the Pakistan Navy that will see the return to service of three Leonardo Helicopters (ex-Westland) Sea Kings. The refurbishment work required to bring the aircraft back to flying condition along with configuring the helicopters to the Pakistani Navy mission specifications will take place at the company’s Fleetlands facility in Gosport, Hampshire, UK.  Work on the contract is being performed by Vector’s UK-based Aviation Services team, previously responsible for in-depth maintenance of the UK MoD’s Sea King helicopter fleet when still in operation supporting the United Kingdom’s military aviation branches.

A total of seven former UK MoD Sea King aircraft have been acquired by the Pakistan Navy under a separate contract signed last year.  The ceremony for the formal handover of the aircraft from UK MoD’s Disposal Services Authority (DSA) to the Pakistan Navy was held at Fleetlands on May 24th, 2017, attended by the Pakistan High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Syed Ibne Abbas, and Bob Richardson from the DSA.  The maintenance program for the Sea Kings has been commenced, the company expecting to complete the aircraft to ship to Pakistan later in the year.

Speaking after the formal handover ceremony, Owen McClave, Managing Director for Vector Aerospace UK, said:  “Vector has a long history of supporting the Sea King fleet, and we are delighted that this significant program to refurbish these aircraft to return to service has now started.  We are very proud of the responsive maintenance support provided by our skilled associates here at Fleetlands, and we look forward to seeing these aircraft back in service with their new owner later in the year.”

Vector Aerospace continues to work closely with the UK MoD and Leonardo on Sea King and Lynx programs to support a number of legacy aircraft in service with multiple international military branches.

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Ryan Mason, Publisher & Editor in Chief

Ryan Mason is the Publisher and Editor in Chief of Heliweb Magazine. Ryan has worked in aviation media for the last nine years as a photographer and journalist, providing written and photographic content for multiple international aviation publications covering both fixed wing and helicopters. Ryan has also written for law enforcement publications on tactics, equipment and airborne law enforcement, drawing on his years of experience as a police officer in the Midwest United States. You can reach Ryan at


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