Vector Aerospace Celebrates 1st Anniversary of AS350 Écureuil Family DCR Capability


November 1, 2017 – Vector Aerospace, an independent, global provider of aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) service announced the celebration of the first anniversary of the introduction of dynamic component repair (DCR) capability for the Airbus Helicopters AS350 Écureuil family at their Almondbank site located in Perth, Scotland.

“Since introducing our AS350 DCR capability last year, we have seen an influx of customers who are excited and grateful to have this service offering made available by Vector, bringing us further into the civil aviation sector,” said Owen McClave, Managing Director of Vector Aerospace – UK. “Almondbank continues to be a cornerstone of our business model, as epitomized by the highly specialized engineering skills of the employees in our AS350 DCR team, and we look forward to continued growth and many more years here in the region.” 

This capability, which was officially inaugurated by Deputy First Minister for Scotland, John Swinney M.S.P. in 2016 allows Vector Aerospace to repair and overhaul gearboxes and the associated components for the full range of the AS350 family variants, which includes the H125/AS350 Écureuil (also known as the Squirrel or Star), along with the AS355 Écureuil 2 (also known as the Twin Squirrel or TwinStar), and the H130/EC130 (also known as the EcoStar).

Commenting at the event last year, the Deputy First Minister stated: “This new capability at Almondbank will enable Vector Aerospace to develop new lines and cultivate international markets, expanding from its traditional links with the military to the civil aviation sector. It will not only enable the company to enlarge its range of products, but will also enable the employees to develop new skills, safeguarding high-value jobs here in Perthshire. The Scottish Government will continue to do all that it can to support firms such as Vector Aerospace to innovate, grow, and increase their export potential – which is good for the company and good for the Scottish economy.”

Vector Aerospace is a global provider of aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul services with facilities in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, South Africa, Kenya, and Singapore. Vector Aerospace provides services to commercial and military customers for gas turbine engines, components, and helicopter airframes. Vector Aerospace employs more than twenty-two-hundred employees globally.


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