Swiss Rotor Solutions Receives EASA STC for Maximum Pilot View for Airbus H125/AS350

Swiss Rotor Solutions STC

Swiss Rotor Solutions announces the Maximum Pilot View Kit visibility solution for the Airbus H125/AS350, has received Supplemental Type Certification (STC) from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

In an announcement January 16th, 2016, Swiss Rotor Solutions stated that their Maximum Pilot View Kit (MPVK) for the AS350/H125 had received STC No. 10060578 from EASA to begin distributing their product to European customers. According to the company, the MPVK revolutionizes pilot visibility and operational safety via a completely new design, providing the pilot with an uninhibited field of view below and out the right side of the aircraft. The modification adds a new single piece bubble door to the aircraft, offering a significant increase in lateral visibility and pilot headroom when leaning to the right, even when wearing a helmet. A large lower viewing aperture and transparent fuselage window fairing significantly increases the vertical field of view forward, aft and directly underneath the aircraft by a factor of ten, compared to existing solutions. The MPVK dramatically improves the capability and safety to perform demanding operations such as sling loading, fire-fighting, SAR/EMS, confined area operations, aerial survey, seismic, law enforcement and any other tasks performed in close proximity to terrain, obstacles and ground crews or when operating at remote landing sites.

Swiss Rotor Solutions Maximum Pilot View Kit for the AS350 and H125 increases pilot view when compared to standard bubble window systems
Swiss Rotor Solutions Maximum Pilot View Kit for the AS350 and H125 increases pilot view when compared to standard bubble window systems

The STC was obtained with the support of, and through working closely with our EASA 21J certification partner, GVH Aerospace, who will also support serial installations and continued airworthiness. Designed specifically for the H125/AS350 helicopter, the kit comprises two main pieces, with the new door accompanied by the lower vertical window assembly and associated floor and fuselage insert/frame. The MPVK can be installed by any EASA Part 145 with Small Rotorcraft H125/AS350 authorization with Base maintenance capability. To date, Swiss Rotor Solutions has received multiple orders and is ready to supply and support installation throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

To learn more about MAXIMUM PILOT VIEW KIT, please CLICK HERE.

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Take a look at the MPVK in action in the video below:

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