Spidertracks and Olympic Aero Services Earn FAA STC

Spidertracks and Olympic Aero Services announced their FAA Supplemental Type Certificates.

Additional Telemetry Unit (ATU) and Automated Flight Following Feed (AFF) solution has received final FAA STC approval for Type 1 USFS exclusive use in aerial firefighting helicopters.
With their newly awarded STC, Spidertracks and OAS become the first to be able to offer a simple certified solution to aerial firefighting operations. The solution meets USFS AFF/ATU requirements and is STC-approved for the following aircraft:

Bell 205A
Bell 205A1
Bell 205B
Bell 212
Bell 412
Bell 412CF
Bell 412EP
The Spider/ATU package provides an event-management solution that interfaces with an aircraft and enables real-time, accurate reporting on specific actions taken by that aircraft or equipment, such as tank/bucket open and closed and gallons filled and dropped. These events are reported with GPS data in the AFFJSON format, enabling pilots to focus their energies on what’s really important: flying safely.
This new solution allows aerial firefighting operations to eliminate the start-up costs associated with similar non-certified offerings and to, once and for all, move away from the clunky and expensive legacy systems that have dominated the aviation space for decades.
“In addition meeting all USFS requirements, the system is lightweight (clocking in at just over 1 pound), simple to use, and straightforward to install,” says Spidertracks’ Director of Product Innovation Simon Williams. “With an FAA STC and USFS, AFF Feed is one of the only fully compliant solutions for the market. We’re excited about the possibilities the ATU/Spider solution can offer our customers.”

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