Serbia Signs Agreement with Airbus Helicopters for Nine H145M Helicopters

Officials from Serbia and Airbus group sign the contract for nine H145M in Belgrade today. Photo provided by Serbian government

New helicopter deal will bring Army and Police Service in Serbia big upgrade in capability.

In an announcement made on Thursday, December 29th, 2016, the Serbian government announced that they had entered into a contract today with Airbus Helicopters for the sale of Nine H145M Military Helicopters. The deal signed by Airbus Group officials and representatives from the Serbian Ministry of Defense and Internal Affairs. The signing in Belgrade, Serbia, was also attended by the ambassadors of France and Germany.

The H145M, the latest in the light twin range of helicopters offered by Airbus Helicopters for their Military customers will be used by the Serbian Army and Police Service for missions that include transportation, search and rescue, combat operations and training, medical evacuations, surveillance and reconnaissance duties in their work around the small European nation.

The contract to provide the nine H145M helicopters includes a maintenance agreement that calls for the training of Serbian defense personnel to receive the training required to complete routine maintenance of the H145M in Country. The company has also agreed to provide all required parts for the maintenance work as part of the cortract. Training and certification of both pilots and mechanical engineers will be provided at the Aviation Institute Moma Stojanovic in Batajnica, Serbia that currently acts as the maintenance center for Serbia’s existing fleet of aging Gazelle helicopters, eventually seeing the institute become a key part of the Airbus Helicopters repair network based in Serbia.

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Want to see the H145M in action? Take a look at this video from Airbus Helicopters of the H145M delivered to the Royal Thai Army.

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