Rostec & Russian Helicopters Set to Commence Ansat Sales, Distribution and Maintenance in Mexico in Partnership with Craft Avia Center

Craft Avia Center has commenced construction of a service center and showroom for Russian helicopters Ansat in Mexico.

Rostec State Corporation, the parent company of Russian Helicopters announced November 2nd, 2017 that they had now completed negotiations with Mexican aviation company Craft Avia Center, and although the contract is not yet officially signed, Mexico’s Craft Avia Center is already set to become an authorized dealer and service center of Russian helicopters in Mexico, specializing in the sale and maintenance of Russian Helicopters new Ansat helicopter to the Mexican helicopter market. Craft Avia Center has submitted an application to Mexican aviation authorities requesting the validation of the Russian flight certificate of the Ansat that will enable the newest Russian Helicopter to begin operations in Mexico.

The Ansat helicopter has already begun service in China in the HEMS market. Russian Helicopters Photo.
The Ansat helicopter has already begun service in China in the HEMS market. Russian Helicopters Photo.

Craft Avia Center has already broken ground on an over 43,000 square foot Russian Helicopters service center and showroom which Craft Avia Center hopes will be a drawcard for showcasing the new helicopter in South America.

The negotiations between the two companies was handled by Rostec Deputy Director Dmitry Lelikov, Russian Helicopters Managing Director Andrey Boginsky and Craft Avia Centre’s Managing Director José de Vicente where the trio discussed during several meetings the potential appetite for Russian civil helicopters in the Mexican market, and obtaining the Mexican certificate of operation for the Ansat.

Russian Helicopters Andrey Boginsky noted that Craft Avia Center had approached Russian Helicopters to propose the current deal, offering to become a dealer aimed at selling the new Ansat in the Mexican market. Boginsky also stated that the tentative agreement will involved delivery of once Ansat model to be used for demonstration purposes to potential buyers, sales and marketing.

“As of today, our proposal is being reviewed by the other party and we hope that in the nearest future we will reach the stage of contract signing,” said Boginsky.

Russian helicopters are not new to operations in Mexico. The company’s fleet already numbering over fifty  in Mexico that include the Mi-8/17 series, and two Mi-26 helicopters.

The light twin Ansat (literal translation “light” in Tatar) is Russian Helicopters first light twin multi-purpose helicopter, touted as being the most easily reconfigurable helicopter in the company’s fleet. The standards version promoted as being able to function as a cargo helicopter, then quickly be reconfigured to accommodate passengers with a quick change of the aircraft interior.

Russian Helicopters Ansat Light Twin is the company's first foray into multi role light twin helicopters.
Russian Helicopters Ansat Light Twin is the company’s first foray into multi role light twin helicopters.

Also touted as being a maintenance friendly helicopter, the Ansat can be operated as a single or dual pilot helicopter and is also marketed by Russian helicopters  in an Air Medical configuration (now in operation in China,) search and rescue helicopter or as a police helicopter variant.

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