Meeker Aviation Announces STC for EC-130 Nose Mount

Meeker Aviation’s latest success adds the Airbus EC-130 to the long list of available mounts for camera gimbals manufactured and certified by the company.

Meeker Airfilm, a division of Meeker aviation, announced April 29, 2019 that the company had gained successful FAA STC certification for the company’s EC-130B4/T2 single pole mount. The AFM<-130 nose mount is rated for payloads up to 135lbs and can accept all of the most popular camera systems, search lights, and LIDAR systems on the market currently such as the Shotover K1 and many others.


Meeker Airfilm President Cal Meeker stated that the EC-130 mount is now slated for EASA certification in mid 2019.

The newest in a long line of cinematic camera mounting system attachments, Meeker aviation has gained a strong industry foothold in aerial camera mounting technology, having recently also certified a mounting platform for the Bell 505 and previously gaining STC’s for helicopter models from Leonardo Helicopters, Airbus Helicopters, Bell, MD and Robinson Helicopters.


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