Hillsboro and Windells Academy Team Up for World First Flight Training Program for High Schoolers


Hillsboro Aero Academy team up with one of a kind “Extreme Stem” Windells Academy to train high school aged kids in flying helicopters and fixed wing aircraft as part of boarding school curriculum course.

Windells Academy, a famed action sports boarding school, and Hillsboro Aero Academy (HAA), the largest combined helicopter and airplane pilot training school in the US, announced a partnership on January 24th, 2017 that aims to create the first high school boarding program in which students can earn their professional pilot certifications while completing a high school diploma.  Students enrolling in the Windells Academy Aviation Program will have the potential to earn their licenses and ratings to become professional airplane or helicopter pilot, and continue on into a college degree program in aviation through HAA’s unique partnerships. This new program will kick off with the Aviation Discovery Program, a seven-week course providing students with an introduction to multiple areas of aviation, starting at the beginning of the first semester of the new school year for students in the United States, commencing at the school on June 18, 2018. This introductory program will then evolve into what will be the commencement of the full program starting in September 2018.

Robinson R44s sit on the ramp at Hillsborough Aero Academy who will provide the flight training in the new program from Windells Academy. Photo by Hillsborough Aviation.
Robinson R44s sit on the ramp at Hillsborough Aero Academy who will provide the flight training in the new program from Windells Academy. Photo by Hillsborough Aviation.

Windells Academy, is referred to by some familiar with the school as an “extreme stem” school, and classifies itself as an “Action Sports Boarding School” that provides a unique student life experience. Windells Academy, located in Sandy, Oregon, offers a non traditional education experience that also includes a camp program that can see students visit some of the premier winter snow sporting locations in the United States, such as Lake Tahoe, CA and Park City, UT among others. Enrollment in the Aviation Program opens in January 2018 for those who may be interested in enrolling students in the school’s initial seven-week Aviation Discovery Program. The unique program is targeted at both international and domestic students between 14-18 years old, stating in a press release sent out to all media outlets that students participating in the program had the potential to enter into an aviation career forecasted to continue growing over the next several decades.

“Our students are driven and talented athletes with Olympic and X-Games prospects, but now we are able to offer our students the opportunity to train for a career in a blossoming industry,” stated Kevin English, President of Windells Academy. “We are truly pleased to be working with Windells on this project,” stated Jon Hay, CEO of Hillsboro Aero Academy, “the synergies are phenomenal— both organizations have a very clear focus on offering a personalized approach to coaching and training for every student,” he added.

Windells Academy, started in 1989, is a premier name globally as an action sports boarding school and Hillsboro Aero Academy has trained thousands of airplane and helicopter pilots since 1980—together they will bring a truly unique program to 14-18 year olds. “The beauty of this program,” continued English, who is a certificated pilot himself, “is that we will be able to train high school student to become airplane and helicopter pilots preparing them for a career that has tremendous growth prospects well into the future.”

If you would like to find out more on the program and costs, email Windells Academy here. If you liked our story and want to know more about the global helicopter market, sign up to get the magazine here.

Helicopter training with Hilsborogh academy
Helicopter training with Hilsborogh academy


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