Helibras Brazil Receives Approval for Super Puma Overhaul Work

Brazil Navy H225

Helibras in Brazil, an Airbus Helicopters Subsidiary serving South America, continues to secure expanded capabilities to sustain ongoing work in Brazil.

Helibras first performed the first overhaul of a Super Puma transmission in Brazil recently,  after its dynamic sets workshop received a new certification from Airbus to perform authorized  work in the South American country on the Super Puma transmission. The first Brazilian customer to receive an overhauled transmission from the Helibras facility located in the southern Brazilian state of in Minas Gerais, Brazil, was the Brazilian Air Force, locally known as the Força Aérea Brasileira (FAB).

In addition to the first aircraft transmission overhaul completion, Helibras received a second transmission from a French customer to begin a transmission overhaul in the Minas Gerais facility.   As work of this type progresses, Helibras will continue evaluating the possibilities of expanding their operations to frame the company as an international hub for this type of work on the Super Puma family.  

“Only Helibras and the Airbus headquarters facility in France have the capability to carry out this kind of work on these aircraft, demonstrating the capacity and quality of Brazilian teams,” said André Teixeira, Dynamic Joint Supervisor at Helibras MRO.   With the recent addition, mechanical overhauls of this model, which were previously only carried out at Airbus in Marignane, France, can now also be made in Itajubá, Brazil. For operators, the work being carried out locally saves time in sending and returning components to France making it a worthwhile addition to the Helibras product and service line.   Brazil has fourty-nine Super Puma helicopters in operation in country, which corresponds to 7% of the country’s helicopter fleet.

Worldwide, there are more than 800 Airbus Super Pumas in operation that require periodical maintenance work, making the investment by Helibras a wise move in expanded capabilities.

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