GVH Aerospace Selected to Design and Supply Hoist Light for Boeing Helicopter Aircrew Training System

GVH Aerospace announced at the Farnborough Airshow 2018 that it has been selected to design, manufacture and supply a hoist light for Boeing Defense Australia’s Helicopter Aircrew Training System.

The selection concludes the competitive tender process and the hoist light product will be used for night hoisting training to provide the aircrew-man with adequate illumination to carry out hoisting operations safely.

“We are pleased to offer an EASA certified modification and product, working with Boeing to understand their customers’ requirements and ensuring delivery of a best value-for-money product”, said Gareth Dyer, CEO. “The new Australian Defense Aviation Safety Regulations (DASR) allows the Australian Defense Force to accept EASA approved modifications and parts without duplicating regulatory compliance, and this has the potential of simplifying regulatory compliance in the defense industry, and allowing the Australian Department of Defense to leverage the commercial aviation supply chain more cost effectively.”

The hoist light, when installed, illuminates the area directly under the aircraft. The LED light not only complies with the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Regulations requirements for hoisting operation, but also provides a greater level of redundancy due to its multi-element design.

The Boeing HATS program provides the Australian Defense Force with helicopter aircrew training. The program training asset includes 15 Airbus Helicopters EC135T2+ helicopters, and on maturity, will train up to 130 students each year from the Australian Army and Royal Australian Navy, in addition to qualified aircrew returning for instructor training.


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