Flightcell DZMx To Add Engine Cycle Counting To Capabilities


16 November 2017 – Flightcell DZMx announced today that Engine Cycle Counting would be added to its résumé. With this successful integration between the Flightcell DZMx and the AKV ETM1000 Engine Trend Monitoring system, which has taken place at AKV’s Camarillo, California facility, Legacy Helicopter operators will have a reason to pay attention to this announcement. This marriage of communications equipment and engine monitoring equipment will be particularly attractive to operators who already have the DZMx installed.

Along with satellite and cellular voice, data, and tracking services, this solution will provide engine and exceedance monitoring, cycle count information, trend information, and the option to send accurate cycle count data off the aircraft. There are audible and visual exceedance warnings available in the cockpit and pilots will be prompted to manually record required cycle count information from the display after the completion of a day’s flying and prior to the data being sent.

“We are providing legacy aircraft operators with a highly effective and affordable means of monitoring engine parameters, exceedances, cycle counts, and trends” says Hamish Neill, VP, Flightcell International. “you have the option to use the DZMx as an onboard cycle counter as well as remotely send the data to a tracking service provider.”

Throughout the integration and testing process, drivetrain and cycle count data were accurately displayed on the front panel of the DZMx. This information includes Ng and Np total cycles along with revenue/run-time, engine starts, and flight time. This data was sent to TracPlus who developed full support in their mapping solution for Engine Cycle Counting in parallel with Flightcell and AKV.

The certification for the combined DZMx and ETM1000 is expected for early 2018. You can find more information at: info@flightcell.com


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