FlightCell Announces DZMx Unit Upgrade Now Includes WiFi and Bluetooth


FlightCell, manufacturers of inflight connectivity technology announced September 25th that the company’s flagship product the DZMx is now shipping with Built in WiFi and Bluetooth. This added functionality is in addition to accessibility to wireless broadband data* and audio from connected smart devices that requires no additional Wi-Fi Router.

FlightCell couples Wi-Fi for the DZMx with an included DZMx Connect app available for download from iTunes & Google Play stores. The app works with all Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled DZMx units, also featuring the ability to configure and use:
1. SMS  (Text) & SBD messaging
2. Voice calling capability
3. DZMx configuration & contacts management
Built In WiFi
DZMx with WiFi provides a cellular broadband data connection for onboard smart devices and connected equipment. The WiFi antenna and components are installed inside the existing DZMx housing; measuring just 125mm x 120mm x 55mm (4.95” x 4.72” x 2.18”). This is an optional extra for all new DZMx purchases and Bluetooth functionality is bundled with the WiFi at no extra cost**.
Built In Bluetooth
DZMx Bluetooth pairs and connects onboard devices to the aircraft’s ICS. Mobile phone calls can be taken through the headset, providing pilots or crew with a hands free capability, and there is the added ability to stream audio. The Bluetooth antenna and components are installed inside the existing DZMx housing. DZMx Bluetooth is an optional extra for all new purchases**.
FlightCell noted that customers now have the option to upgrade any current DZMx unit versus the outright purchase of an entirely new unit.
FlightCell’s DZMx units can be upgraded to either WiFi + Bluetooth capability or alternately just upgraded to include Bluetooth functionality only. The upgrade involves new hardware, including the installation of an HD audio board, and next-generation v3 firmware.
Upgraded DZMx units are available now from FlightCell or authorized resellers.
*applicable to cellular capable DZMx’s only
**additional activation charges apply

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