First Bell 505 JRX in Law Enforcement Configuration to Sacramento Police


First two Law Enforcement 505’s will be delivered to California based agencies.

Bell announced on December 2nd, 2018 that the Sacramento Police Department in California had accepted delivery of the first Law Enforcement outfitted Bell 505 JRX.

Sacramento Police, who were previously operating a fleet of OH-58 military surplus helicopters will take a large step forward in technology advancement with the addition of the Bell 505. The aircraft, completed by Hangar One in San Diego, was fitted with several law enforcement provisions, including high skid gear and forward/aft hard points for mounting equipment. The aircraft also features a 15” monitor with moving map system, loudhailer, MX-10 EO/IR Sensor and Trakka Beam Searchlight.


“The Bell 505 will be invaluable in critical calls for service when minutes matter and will allow us to best protect the citizens of Sacramento,” said Sergeant Randy Van Dusen of the Sacramento Police Department’s Air Operations Team. “The ergonomic seats allow the pilot and tactical flight officer to fly for hours comfortably, and the large windows allow for greater visibility that makes searching for suspects and missing persons easier.”

Sacramento is the first of two agencies in California to receive the Bell 505, with Stockton Police Deparment’s city board approving the purchase of the agencies first law enforcement helicopter asset and beginning a badly needed air support unit that will assist officers in the City of Stockton, using the latest in law enforcement aviation. Stockton’s Bell 505 is also being completed by San Diego based Hangar One, estimated for delivery in March of 2019.

Sacramento Police's new Bell 505 sits atop LAPD's Hooper Heliport. Bell Photo
Sacramento Police’s new Bell 505 sits atop LAPD’s Hooper Heliport. Bell Photo

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