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Eagle Copters Signs With Able For Exclusive Service Agreement

Eagle Copters

ABLE agreement establishes full repair, overhaul and exchange support for Eagle Copters fleets in Chile and Australasia.

Eagle Copters Ltd. has selected Able Aerospace Services, a Textron Inc. company as their exclusive provider for component repair, overhaul and exchange services for their installations in Australasia and Chile. This agreement covers service for a significant fleet of mixed aircraft in these regions and will help Eagle Copters in expanding it’s existing Bell Helicopters Certified Service Facility rating to include broad overhaul options in the Australasia market. Recently, Eagle Copters received a Bell Helicopters CSF designation for field maintenance services in the Australasia market.

“Eagle Copters is widely known and respected for its superior global customer support,” said John Jackson, Vice President of Business Development for Able Aerospace Services. “Our relationship underscores the industry’s growing need for solutions that help safely, efficiently and cost-effectively maintain aircraft fleets. We’re honored that Eagle has selected Able to continue – and even further develop – this major market advantage.”

Eagle Copters, a family owned, second generation company has been in business since 1975. While they are based at the Calgary International Airport in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Eagle Copters does business in 3 continents. Eagle Copters has held Bell’s SCF designation since the ratings inception in it’s Canada location and has held it for more than three years in Chile. March 2016 marked the CSF designation for field maintenance services in the Australasia market.

“Our customer programs in Chile and Australasia represented the perfect opportunity for us to begin our working relationship with Able Aerospace Services,” said Barry Kohler, President of Eagle Copters. “Our satellite locations have grown and changed considerably from their inception, and we felt we owed it to our team to supplement our capability with a highly experienced organization to ensure we end up with the most effective solution for both our current customers and ourselves.”


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