DART Aerospace Certifies Lightweight Bell 505 Bearpaws

Dart Aerospace bear Paws

DART Aerospace moves to be one of the first vendors to provide an aftermarket solution for the extremely popular Bell 505 JRX

DART Aerospace announced March 14th that the company has obtained Transport Canada certification of its Bell 505 Bearpaws. DART states that their bearpaw solution is by far the lightest option available on the market for the 505 (as much as 35% lighter than competition.) DART further stated that the 505 Bearpaw kit is the ideal solution for operators performing landings on soft and uneven terrains.

The Bell 505 is now the 30th aircraft model for which DART has designed and received an STC for a bearpaw solution. The company worked with Pylon Aviation to complete FAA STC testing in the USA recently, receiving Canadian certification first, although DART stated that approvals from other regulatory authorities will follow shortly.

The Canadian designed and built Bearpaws are now available for purchase from DART and are offered with very short lead times and can also be purchased with wearplates that are fully compatible with the newly certified DART Emergency Flotation System for the 505.



DART Aerospace

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