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CoxHealth To Become First MD 902 Operator With New Genesys Glass Cockpit

CoxHealth 902

Cox Health, based out of Springfield Missouri, is set to become the first air ambulance service flying a MD 902 fielded with the Genesys Aerosystems’ Advanced IDU-680 integrated cockpit. CoxHealth recently purchased a previously owned MD 900 Explorer that is currently being upgraded to a “zero-time” MD 902, where it will then be retrofitted with the new, all glass cockpit that was just debuted at Heli-Expo by MD.

Cox Air Care Program Director Susan Crum, RN, commented, “The addition of this helicopter to our air ambulance fleet will improve our ability to deliver life-saving patient care to those who might otherwise be unreachable.  The MD 902 is fast and has a great range – allowing us to cover an area up to 300 miles away from our base in Springfield.  It also offers a large cabin and smooth flight which combine to allow our in-flight medical crews to safely deliver the critical care that could be the difference between life and death.”

Although this is not the first MD 902 in CoxHealth’s fleet, the first acquired in 2007, this will be an industry first sporting the Genesys Aerosystems’ IDU-680 glass cockpit. In fact, not only will this be the first air ambulance with the IDU-680, it will be the first commercial aircraft to be flying with it.


CoxHealth’s MD 902 will feature:

•Three IDU-680, 6” x 9” High-Resolution LCD displays

•Automatic or Manual Revisionary Modes

•3D Synthetic Vision

•Highway-In-The-Sky (HITS) Navigation

•Geo-Referenced Hover Vector

•Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (H-TAWS)

•Night Vision A&B Capabilities

•Weather Radar Integration

•Integrated ADS-B Traffic Display

•Engine Instrument Crew Advisory System (EICAS)

•Data Acquisition Units for Custom Engine Monitoring

•Flight Data Recording

•Graphical FMS/VHF Navigation

•Moving Map


“We are thrilled CoxHealth will be the first to receive the MD902 Explorer with our Advanced IDU-680s,” said Jamie Luster, Director of Sales and Marketing for Genesys Aerosystems. “In the EMS market, flight missions can be stressful and Genesys technology provides uniquely suited solutions for companies like CoxHealth, by offering safety enhancements and lowering pilot workload.”

Apart from the new glass cockpit, this 902 will be receiving an improved United Rotorcraft Air Methods EMS interior. Some of the key features of this interior, which was designed specifically for the 900/902 aircraft include:

• Flexible Interior Configurations

– Meet Changing Mission Parameters

• Accessibility to the Patient

– Improve Care Giving Capability

• Operational Simplicity

– Limited Distractions in High Stress Environment

• Light Weight

– Minimize Operational Costs and Enhance Aircraft Performance

• Minimal Aircraft Modifications

– Lower Interior Cost and Faster Delivery

• Ease of Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair

– Lower Operational Costs, Minimize Downtime

– Low Contamination Risk

“It’s always gratifying when you are part of a customer’s growth, and it’s a compliment to ones organization to have the honor to equip their additional aircraft that will provide advanced healthcare / transportation using products we manufacture at United Rotorcraft,” stated Frank Graham, Sr. Director Global Sales and Marketing for United Rotorcraft. “The replacement/structural floor and patient loading system is exclusive to the MD900/902,” added Graham. “Which adds value to the aircraft while simplifying patient loading and maximizing patient access while remaining in your seats.”

Initial delivery of the CoxHealth MD 902 is scheduled by the end of the second quarter, 2017. Retrofitting with the new glass cockpit will be completed by the end of FY 2017.


Colt is a writer and photographer in the emergency services field. Colt is also the editorial director of a website dedicated to first responder news around the country and is the primary correspondent for coverage of helicopter aviation relating to helicopter air ambulance services and aerial firefighting. You can reach Colt via email at





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