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Meet the Collective Team!

Our  team of photographers, writers, and industry experts have been published in nationally and internationally recognized publications. Our team consists of some of the most well-regarded professionals in their fields within the helicopter industry. Take a moment to meet our contributors and learn what make them experts in their fields and why we selected them to pass on their knowledge to you through writing for the magazine.

Ryan Mason


Always having an affinity for writing and later photography, Ryan started out as a photographer and writer for several aviation magazines before having the opportunity to take over Collective magazine, turning his love for aviation into a dream job, that he now immerses himself in, looking for those in the industry that deserve recognition and looking for operations that do good things for good people as is his nature.

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Tim Pruitt

Writer and Photographer

Tim has been an aviation writer and photographer for many years with multiple publications. He also serves in the Texas State Guard and is pursuing a private pilot rating while working a full time job and traveling for the magazine throughout the year.
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Brian Parsons


As the magazine’s resident expert in all things maintenance, Brian shares over 30 years of knowledge base with our readers every month to give you a look into the world of helicopter maintenance.
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Ben Fouts


Ben is the owner of Mauna Loa Helicopters, a helicopter flight training and tourism business that has three locations based in Hawaii and one in Alabama. Ben shares his wealth of knowledge as both a DPE and flight instructor in the column “Straight and Level” that focuses on flight training and the many pitfalls that can affect both the seasoned instructor and the new student.
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Damon Duran


Damon is one of the founding members of “APSOCAL” a California based aviation photography aviation photography organization. He has had his work published in several magazines in his 10 years in the aviation photography business.
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Scott Dworkin


Starting his aviation photography career seven years ago, Scott has been published in both national and international aviation publications featuring his work with both jets and rotary aviation.
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