CHC Announces Partnership with Leonardo on SKYTRAC HUMS & EFB Real Time Tracking


Innovative partnership between Leonardo Helicopters and CHC Helicopter yields real time tracking product SKYTRAC

September 27, 2017 – CHC Helicopter CEO Karl Fessenden announced the latest in helicopter safety monitoring aimed at the oil and gas transportation market, announcing SKYTRAC, a tracking solution developed in collaboration with Leonardo Helicopters. Fessenden announced the successful completion of initial testing of the real-time asset tracking and situational awareness technology – Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) and cockpit Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solution for the AW139 helicopter during his opening address at the annual CHC Helicopter Safety and Quality summit.

An industry first, the real time tracking technology includes in-flight HUMS analysis alongside real-time air-to-ground alerts allowing automated downloads to Leonardo’s HeliWise analytic software. SKYTRAC also offers live weather and Marine AIS feeds to the cockpit for increased situational awareness for crews, ensuring crew decision-making is based on the latest information.

The system also permits immediate automatic downloads of Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) data whenever the aircraft comes into range of a secured Wi-Fi hotspot at home base, downloading Critical data seamlessly that is then securely uploaded into the system used by FDM analysts, saving valuable time and eliminating manual transfer.

HUMS data, Situational Awareness, Eletronic Flight Bag, SKYTRAC
“CHC’s core focus is on safety and efficiency. This technology will help detect HUMS exceedances early while speeding up the analysis process. In addition, the SKYTRAC EFB application monitors live weather and marine traffic inflight. This will help pilots easily identify changes to potentially unsafe flight conditions (such as those related to thunderstorms and lightning activity) and take alternative measures in a more measured fashion”, said Dave Balevic, CHC’s senior vice president, engineering and operations.

Since 1986, SKYTRAC is aviation’s full-service, data-driven solutions provider. SKYTRAC has pioneered the development, evolution and commercialation of flight following, flight data and communications technology. Today, with systems certified on over 900 airframes and an online data management portal that is the go-to tool for over 6,500 global users, SKYTRAC is truly the partner of choice for data-guided business insights. From performance trending and operations reporting to real-time asset tracking and situational awareness – SKYTRAC offers a one-stop response to meeting more of your company’s needs. For more information go to

SKYTRAC is proud to have our real-time data transfer technology successfully deomonstrated by CHC and Leonardo. We understand the challenges faced by global Oil & Gas operators. We offer a lightweight and minimally intrusive product that is capable of robust onboard data analysis, true pole-to-pole communications coverage and reliable data offloading. For the cockpit c omponent, we’ve designed a user-friendly EFB application that can be accessed quickly and easily wit ha standard tablet. It is an all-in-one solution for true real-team awareness,” said SKYTRAC VP Sales Jan van der Huel.

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