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New Agreement Brings World First Refurbishment Of Black Hawk Helicopters For Firefighting And Disaster Relief To Australia 

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World-first refurbishment of Black Hawk helicopters for firefighting and disaster relief in Australia under new agreement.

July 27, 2017 – Kaan Air Australia, Sikorsky Australia, and StarFlight Australia have announced the signing of an agreement that could total sixty-three million AUD to bring ten UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters to Australia, with the option of an additional 10 aircraft. This deal is a world first refurbishment program that will be undertaken in Brisbane, Australia bringing ten surplus US military Black Hawks into Australia early next year. These Black Hawks will be refurbished to an “as new” condition and retrofitted specifically for aerial firefighting operations during the future brushfire seasons around Australia and New Zealand and for year round emergency response and disaster relief work.

Under this agreement, the aircraft will be refurbished and maintained in Brisbane, Australia, by Sikorsky. Under this partnership, Kaan Air Australia and StarFlight Australia will be working side by side in a new era in Australian emergency services and disaster relief aviation. The agreement also promises a boos for local aviation jobs, with the potential to create more than 50 pilot and technical jobs in the long term, including apprenticeships. John Skeen, chief executive officer of Kaan Air Australia and StarFlight Australia, welcomed the new agreement and said the deal would assist emergency services in filling a significant gap within Australia’s firefighting and disaster relief resources.

“This is a game-changer for aviation in Australia. The purchase of 10 plus 10 optioned Black Hawks represents a significant milestone for the firebombing and disaster relief helicopter industry in Australia, particularly in terms of efficient rotary wing attack to reduce loss of life and property during bushfire events,” said Skeen.

“The helicopters are being purchased by an Australian company, will be registered in Australia and most importantly, will be fully maintained and supported in Australia by the helicopter OEM Sikorsky and its supply chain commitment, helping to boost local jobs in the area and guaranteeing ongoing supply chain support of our Black Hawk fleet.”

General Manager of Sikorsky Australia, Andrew Rushbrook, said that “As the original manufacturer of the Black Hawk helicopter, there is no company better positioned to refurbish and maintain this incredible aircraft and no better place to do so than at Sikorsky Australia headquarters in Brisbane.” 

Kaan Air Australia Chairman, Mr. Ferda Yildiz, said it was an important and significant deal for his company.

We are very happy to be able to take part and contribute to the helicopter firefighting and disaster relief effort within Australia and further strengthen our ties with a very distinguished OEM, Sikorsky/Lockheed Martin,” Yildiz said. “We aim to expand this cooperation beyond Australia in other parts of the world in similar projects using the expertise of our Australian company.”

The initial 10 Black Hawk helicopters have been hand-picked by Sikorsky for their suitability in aerial firebombing and external heavy load lifting ability, and will be made available by StarFlight to assist emergency services and fire agencies in bushfires and natural disasters across the country.
StarFlight Australia will be the operator of the aircraft. The Black Hawks will undergo three months of extensive refurbishment, including new high performance engines, upgraded gear boxes, installation of Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS) and a general overhaul which will be carried out by Sikorsky at its Pinkenba facility in Brisbane.

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