Airtelis Purchases Three H215s For Aerial Work Operations Fleet

LONDON, UK, 04 October 2017 – With the support of Nova Capital Group, Airtelis has now signed a contract with Airbus Helicopters for three H215s heavy helicopters to join their existing fleet of two H225s. The first delivery expected for completion later this month.

“We are pleased and excited to be the first helicopter lessor worldwide to add in the coming weeks the H215s in its fleet. We are delighted to support Airtelis’ exceptional recent business growth, introducing this new versatile and highly efficient asset in our portfolio.” said Olivier Piot, Chief Executive Officer of Nova Group which will finance the H215s  through a sale and leaseback transaction with Airtelis – Nova Capital, acting as exclusive operating lessor.

“We are sure that the H215s will be an asset to Airtelis with its excellent availability rate, optimized maintenance and competitive operating costs and we are pleased that they are placing their trust once again in our products” said Olivier Michalon, Senior Vice President, head of Europe at Airbus Helicopters.
The H215 consists of two versions, one tailored for multi-role operations (formerly designated AS332 L1e) and the other for aerial work/utility duties (formerly designated AS332 C1e)

The H215s are known for their high availability rate and competitive operating costs. H215s are twin-engine, an  adaptable yet powerful helicopter that incorporates advanced avionics and reliable platform for rugged multi-mission capabilities. Its baseline configuration has been advanced for aerial work missions and standard features include proven Makila 1A1 engines, the latest generation flight management system, and the most modern technologies. Cutting-edge technology includes a glass cockpit avionics system and re-owned 4-axis autopilot, from Airbus Helicopters’ advanced H225, providing flight envelope protection, extreme precision and automatic hover stability in even the most challenging operation conditions.

Airtelis executes helicopter maintenance work on very high voltage power lines as well as on big infrastructures, load transportation, structure assembly, repair and maintenance. Over 60 years experience performing utility helicopter missions, Airtelis has developed a specific expertise which will provide its customers with the highest safety and productivity available.


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